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How can I clean the natural stones in my interiors?

As for daily maintenance, bit warm water and soap water is best for cleaning structures of natural stones.

Why anyone should prefer natural stones over others?

If you want to add an aesthetic sense to your interiors or exteriors with great durability too, you should prefer natural stones. Nothing can make your homes as beautiful as natural stones.

Which natural stone is the best for kitchen counter tops?

Granite is one of the most popular stone for kitchen counter tops. The reason is its hardness and durability. It is highly resistant against water, dirt, and scratches.

Can we see pictures of the stones required before buying?

We can provide images of the stones of different shades, appearances, and colours. Samples can be made against request. More information can be provided as you call us for discussion.

Do quartz and granite resist scratches on surfaces?

Granite and quartz are of the hardest quality natural stones. They do not attract scratches easily like other softer stones. However we would advise you not to let the surface come directly in contact with sharp objects. Prefer using cutting boards and avoid cutting directly on the counter tops.

Which is the best stone to use in home?

There is no thumb rule because much depends upon the kind of area, design preference, type of and level of exposures, and personal choice. However, we recommend not to use limestone if the surface is exposed to high foot traffic. We can guide you with more specific information upon knowing your project details.

How to maintain counter tops and other surfaces made of natural stones?

The best way to maintain your surfaces of natural stones is to avoid direct contact with hot pans and sharp objects. Also never use acidic cleaners. However, regular cleaning with wet cloth or a mild liquid soap. You may also use warm water and mild cleaner as suggested. In the case of any spills, clean up the surface immediately.

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