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Important Factors To Consider Before You Select and Purchase Your Natural Stone

You might not be aware of all the ins and outs of purchasing marbles, stones, and granite. Here is a sincere attempt to help you purchase marbles carefully. Find few very important things to consider before you buy Indian Marbles, Imported Marbles, Granite Shades, Marble Carving, Inlay Arts, Marble Tiles, Marble Handicrafts, Sandstone Tiles, Onyx Stone, Stone Crafts and Decorative Items.

1. Stones are Strong and Beautiful but with Imperfections

Nothing is considered stronger than rocks. Natural stones are natural material derived from the mines. Though they perform higher than any other man-made artificial material, they come with imperfections and dissimilarities. It is likely to find minor variations of colours, hues, and textures in the stones. So if you insist strictly on the consistency of colours, we would recommend you should go for man-made building material instead of marbles and stones.

2. Pick right stones to suit the application

Not all stones are suitable or best for every type of application. For example, some stones are good for countertops while some are good for rough patio surfaces. Never make a mistake of buying stones just by their beauty. Consult the seller or your contract for the right stone for the purpose. Our sales consultants help our buyers in picking the most appropriate stone as per use and requirement.

3. Some stones need maintenance

Though stones are very durable and go strong for millions of years, its maintenance can definitely enhance its looks and increase its life. Try to keep the stoned and marble surfaces and counter tops protected from stains, spills, acidic liquids and food, and sharp objects. Also, avoid keeping hot pans directly on the kitchen tops. You may also get a professional cleaning and maintenance services to provide your stones with a professional care once in a while.

4. Make sure to use Sealers

Natural stones are basically porous and absorb spills and stains. Many acidic food and liquid, chemicals, and other spills can discolour the stones and can harm the polish and smoothness of the surfaces. Use of sealer is must due to this. Sealers minimize the staining of the stones to the optimum extent.

Moreover, while cleaning use only plain water or mild soapy water. Use warm water instead of very cold or hot water.

5. Selecting the right finish

Stones and marbles are available in avariety of finishes. Natural stones are available as polished or flamed or brushed. Polished stones have glossy look and they are good for furniture tops, kitchen tops, floor tiling, and walls. However, polished stones are not good for outer or inner landscapes. Stones with leathered finish offer matte finish look.

Honed finish stones are good for floors, stair steps, thresholds because they reflect very little light. Since there is no fear of losing lustre like polished finish, these are good for high traffic areas. If you have a granite floor tiles, use aflame finish that gives rigid texture.

6. Be Concerned about Hardness

You should also keep in mind the hardness of the stone while choosing it. At the same time, the application or the place for which you will use the stone makes difference. As granite is best for kitchen countertops, high traffic surfaces, and floors.

Marbles are good for sophisticated areas where chances of heat and scratches are less. Marbles are good for bathroom walls, vanity tops, showers, wall coverings, and table tops.

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